The Western Regional Health Authority provides healthcare to the population of Jamaica’s western Parishes via a network of four Hospitals and eighty-four Health Centers, strategically deployed throughout the region. Governed by its Board of Directors, it has maintained the reputation of being the forerunner in the provision of quality health care in the island.



WRHA Vision

We are on a mission…

  • To provide quality preventative, curative and rehabilitative health care that is affordable, accessible and reliable to the population of the region under our control.
  • To provide and maintain facilities and conditions conducive to the promotion of health.
  • To attract, train, motivate and retain a high caliber of staff and to provide opportunities for the development of our employees to their fullest capabilities.



Our Regional Hospitals

St. James – Cornwall Regional Hospital  | Westmoreland – Savanna-la-mar Public General Hospital

Trelawny – Falmouth Public General Hospital | Hanover – Noel Holmes Public General Hospital







Type A These hospitals provide comprehensive secondary and tertiary health care services and are referral centers for hospitals both in the public and private health systems.
Type B These hospitals provide primary and secondary care services.
Type C Type C hospitals provide primary care services and basic secondary care services.

Health Centres


Type 5 These are comprehensive health centers and are located only in urban areas.
Type 4 This health centre administers the health programme of the parish and accommodates the medical officer of health and parish staff.
Type 3 This is the headquarters of the Health District and may serve a population of 20,000 people through a number of types 1 and 2 health centers.
Type 2 This health centre provides a higher level of expertise than a Type 1 facility and is equipped with a resident staff nurse who is able to provide simple treatment for common illnesses.
Type 1 These are the smallest units that provide services that are closely integrated to the community. It is staffed by one midwife and a community health aide who deliver basic maternal and child health, nutrition, family planning and immunization services.