Westmoreland Health Services

‘Healthy and Productive Families in Healthy Communities’

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The Westmoreland Public Health Services provides preventative and curative health care primarily to a population of over 141,800 persons living in the Parish of Westmoreland. This accounts for approximately 31% of the total populace of the Western Region.

The Westmoreland Public Health Services is an integration of Primary and Secondary Care Services within the parish of Westmoreland and a division of the Western Regional Health Authority.

The parish’s public health facilities consist of a Public General Hospital and twenty-one (21) Health Centres of types 1 to 3 strategically located across the parish.

Services are offered across the parish by qualified staff who manage the services, and address the health issues of a primary and secondary nature. Some services are provided at the health facility while others are carried out in homes, business places and other premises.


Our Mission

Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles through Community mobilization and participation and intersectoral collaboration; control of diseases through surveillance, provision of preventative, curative and rehabilitative services; through a network of community-based organizations and efficient Health Personnel and facilities.

Services will be appropriate, affordable, accessible, reliable and cost-effective to the populace.

The mission of Savanna-la-mar hospital is to provide quality holistic healthcare to the general public, in a cost-sharing manner, following national guidelines; to continually train and educate our colleagues and the community at large.


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