Falmouth Hospital

Trelawny Health Services

Falmouth Public General Hospital – Rodney Street, Falmouth

Telephone: 954-3255-50 Fax: 952-4149

The Trelawny Public Health Services provides preventative and curative health care primarily to a population of over 72,500 persons living in the Parish of Trelawny. This accounts for approximately 16% of the total populace of the Western Region.

Our Mission

To provide quality, preventative, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health care that is accessible, acceptable and reliable to the population of the Parish, facilitated by the empowerment of the communities through utilizing inter-sectoral collaboration, supported by suitably qualified and motivated personnel utilizing appropriate technological resources.

General Services Offered


There are three (3) Medical Districts in the parish of Trelawny:

Falmouth District

Duncans District

Albert Town