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Trelawny Health Services

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About The Parish
The Trelawny Public Health Services provides preventative and curative health care primarily to a population of over 72,500 persons living in the Parish of Trelawny. This accounts for approximately 16% of the total populace of the Western Region.

Mission Statement
To provide quailty, preventative, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health care that is accessible, acceptable and reliable to the population of the Parish, facilitated by the empowerment of the communities through utilizing inter-sectoral collaboration, supported by suitably qualified and motivated personnel utilizing appropriate technological resources.

Historical Profile

No information is currently available for this section.

Vision Of The Parish
'Healthy People Living in Healthy Communities'
Primary Health (Clinic & Community) Services - Preventative

General Services Offered

Water and Sanitation Monitoring
Food and Nutrition Monitoring
Family Health Care
Prevention and Control of Locally Endemic Diseases
Prevention and Control of Diarrhoeal Diseases
Treatment of common Diseases and Injuries
Health Education and Promotion
Dental Health Care
Mental Health Care
Provision of Essential Drugs

Secondary Health (Hospital) Services - Curative
Service List Currently Unavailable



Parish Profile

Total population of Trelawny Parish - 72,500 (Estimated population, 2001)

There are three (3) Medical Districts in the Trelawny Health Services, they are:
Individual District Profiles

Falmouth Health District

North - by the sea;
South - by Windsor, Deeside and Liberty by the foot-hills of Cockpit Mountains;
South-East - by Fontabelle and Hampstead;East - by the districts of Spring Hill, Daniel Town and properties of Lottery, Cambridge and Gerradeu;
West - by line of Parish, Wiltshine Housing development, Orange Valley, Orange Hill, Hampden Lands, Cargen, Hampden Estate and Gales Valley.

19,746 (1981)

Health Facilities
Facility TypeNumberName(s)/Location(s)
Hospital (Type C)1Falmouth Hospital
Infirmary1Falmouth Infirmary
Place of Safety1Granville Place of Safety
Type I Health Centre3Bounty Hall
Bunkers Hill
Type II Health Centre1Wakefield
Type IV Health Centre1Falmouth

District Medical Officer (DMO) Grade III -- 1
District Medical Officer (DMO) Grade I -- 1
Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) -- 0
Private Practitioners -- 8

Duncans Health District

North - by the sea to the border of St.Ann and Trelawny at Bengal Bridge adjacent to Rio Bueno;
South - an imaginary straight line across the foot-hill of the cock pit mountains from St.Ann border at the Manchester property adjacent to Stewart Town going westwardly, encompassing the properties of Hyde Hall mountains, Colches Pen and the districts of Linton and portions of Cockpit mountains to the St. James border. Below the foot-hills of this portion of the Cockpit Mountains lie the districts of Haddington, Kinloss, Duanvale, New Forest, Sherwood Content and Cocksheath;
East - by portion of the Rio Bueno and Dornoch Rivers and Stewart town at the St.Ann border;
West - by properties of Fontabelle, Hampstead and ;

27,503 (1981)

Health facilities
Facility TypeNumberName(s)/Location(s)
Type I Health Centre4Rio Bueno
Stewart Town
Type II Health Centre2Duanvale
Jackson Town
Type III Health Centre1Dewar
Maternity Centre1---

District Medical Officer (DMO) Grade I -- 1
Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) -- 1
Private Practitioner -- 0

Albert Town Health District

North - by the sourthen foot-hills of the cockpit mountains of the Duncans and Falmouth districts which run east-west to the St.James border;
South - by rising earth mounds, valleys and stony cliffs to the Manchester and St.Elizabeth borders;
East - by hills of limestone and valleys of red and clayey loams towards the St.Ann border;
West - by stony hills and valleys of mixed loams cheered by the murmers of rippling streams and springs below and within the random dispersions of the Cockpit Mountains, contribute to its peculiar terrain especially around the Burnt Hill, Wait-A-Bit, Spring Garden, Warsop, Troy and Wilson's Run areas. By and large the entire medical district is vulnerable to landslides and flooding occurs in the Troy and Spring Gardens area.

19,349 (1982)

Health Facilities
Facility TypeNumberName(s)/Location(s)
Community Hospital1---
Type I Health Centre4Ulster Spring
Lowe River
Rock Spring
Type II Health Centre2Warsop
Type III Health Centre1Albert Town

District Medical Officer (DMO) Grade II -- 1
Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) -- 1
Private Practitioner -- 2